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Executive Leadership

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Joel Landau

Co-founder, Managing Director

Joel Landau has a proven, decade-long success record in building companies that improve both healthcare delivery and insurance processes for health plans and their members. Joel co-founded Pinta Capital Partners in 2012, an equity firm that provides lasting value to its network of investors and affiliated healthcare establishments. This firm seeks ventures that serve New York City’s neediest populations, including the chronically ill, the elderly, and the disabled.


Joel Landau is also the founder and Chairman of The Allure Group, a rapidly expanding provider of skilled nursing and rehabilitation services throughout the New York downstate area. Joel was inspired by a vision of providing post-acute services that meet the needs of residents when it comes to their health, comfort, culture, and quality of life.  Joel Landau’s experience building successful companies that serve the healthcare industry has honed his investment strategy, an approach he successfully carried over and implemented at Aurora.

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